2018 Coupons | Deals Valid from May 2018 to October 2018 |

House Cleaning, Cleaning Maids, House Keeping, Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Washing, Pressure Washing, Herndon, Sterling, Ashburn, Reston

Fine Print

These special offers are one time deal for first time clients only.

Appointment required, Subject to availability

Valid only for Herndon, Reston, Sterling, and Ashburn.

Not valid for move in/move out.

Not valid for full home cleaning, only valid for time frame purchased.

Example: We will clean what we can during the time frame purchased and based on your priorities for example here are some popular options we get request a lot.  We can focus on the main floor as a priority and remaining time focus on other small tasks during time frame.

now if you want just bathrooms or kitchen we can do that too once again cleaning time depends on the conditions of your home.

2 hours is good starter deal for bathrooms and kitchen or apartments

2.5 hours can cover 1-2 levels if home has been maintenance and are around 1500-1800 sq.ft.

Bigger homes take more time to complete you can still use this deal to try the service but please understand these deals aren't to complete your whole home since each home is different amount of work depending on home conditions such as pets, toys, furniture's, etc...

| Home Cleaning available from Monday to Thursday

|Carpet Cleaning & Pressure Washing available for Friday and Saturday