Carpet Cleaning


Disclaimer: Carpet cleaning (Shampoo & Wash) carpets from dirt,sweat and most common stains we will help remove the smell of your carpets to much cleaner smell.

 depending on the stain and age of your carpets some stains may not be remove such as dye's red, yellow, orange, blue, green. hard glue/ slime. but they may come out or fade to a more clear/cleaner color.

(Bleach does not come out & Burns do not come out they can't be clean those require carpet replacement)


Carpet Care

We recommend to maintenance your carpets twice a year every 6 months or if you need it sooner is fine as well depending on household traffic.

About our machines we use a Dual Action Rotary Deep Cleaning Wand  and high pressure spot hand wand which both are for deep cleaning carpets in all directions it cleans and removes most stains and spots such as sodas (black or clear), coffee beer, dirt, mud, detergents and some wines depending on your carpet fibers/style and how aged that stain has been uncleaned.

We use environmental supplies we do not use any Strong harsh chemicals that affect kids or pets since we understand some homes walk freely.

after the carpet cleaning is done you may walk if you want before it dries but we best recommended to wait (3 hours minimum to dry up to fully dry up can take 24 hrs but well ventilated homes should dry up same day) please make sure you don't have any dirt in shoes if you walk with shoes.

You can send pictures and brief description of the stain (type,touch,age) to 703-623-9313 of your carpets to take a quick look and we can analyze from there thanks